maanantai 16. tammikuuta 2012

Red Eclipse - Free Multiplatform FPS

Today I learned about a new free (open source!) FPS called Red Eclipse. It's based on Cube 2-engine and features a dozen weapons, over 30 maps and it looks pretty damn awesome (getting some Halo-vibes from this)!

Red Eclipse 1.2

They have just released a new version 1.2, named "Cosmic Edition". Weirdly though, I can't find any changelog for the releases.

Having played it for a while, I must admit that it is good fun! Not that many players currently though, but all the servers with players have been really cool! I certainly recommend that everyone tries this game, being free and multiplatform (PC/Mac/Linux). And since it's based on Cube 2, it has pretty low system requirements and should be running on all kinds of hardware.

Anybody else have thoughts about this game?

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