tiistai 17. tammikuuta 2012

Elevator: Source - a HL2 mod

So today I stumbled into a bit weird of a mod for Half-Life 2 called Elevator: Source by PixelTail Games. It is marketed as a single or co-op "elevator experience". What this means, is that the whole mod is based on an elevator, which takes you to 28 unique floors. And oh man, it is quite a journey!

Below is a video of a group playing it for 45 minutes. I know it sounds long, but I have short attention span and for some reason I just had to watch the whole thing!

You can download the mod on the project's website or ModDB. Please note that you will HL2: Episode Two and Garry's Mod 10 and up.

4 kommenttia:

  1. Just discovered this blog and I'm glad I did! Keep up the good work! Following you now!

  2. Saw this on RockPaperShotgun, excellent mod idea :D

  3. What! This is awesome, I'm getting it now!
    Can't believe I didn't know this mod existed...

  4. That long strange video kept me busy for quite a while. After watching it though, dont think I would want to play it.